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Hi! My name is Erika Blackwell and I am the photographer of Center of Attention Photography. My business is located in Northern Michigan. My blog is a way for everyone to view some of my favorite images from recent sessions and get to know me! I am the VERY proud mommy to Braylan and Grayson. I LOVE what I do and I hope you can tell! These are not JUST pictures I take. I create memories... My heart and soul go into my work. I care about my clients and get to know them and learn what they like and dislike. I am a mommy & artist. I care about the ones I love like crazy, I love to have fun. I make crazy sounds to get those smiles. I dream big. I have tons of ideas. I cry during touching ceremonies and awesome reception speeches. I can usually be found smiling. I get inspired very easily. 231.549.2038

I’m back!

Oh where has time gone? I have a LOT of catching up to do with my business, my blog and my personal life. I have been kind of MIA for a while and haven’t been the best at returning phone calls or emails very well. I am working on getting back to a normal schedule. :) I lost my dad at the end of March at the same exact time I found out we are expecting #2! What a mix of emotions for a person to handle. I was very close to my dad and it took some time to adjust and it will always be a work in progress. I have had very bad morning (all day) sickness the last 12 weeks exactly like I did with my son. If you know me I am very open and these are real world problems that a lot of people face. I have made it my mission to start focusing more on my family which means I will be taking less sessions per week. I also want to start on some new themed projects that will hopefully be super fun for me to do! So thank you all for understanding and being patient with me. Thank you to all my family, friends and clients who do know my story already that check up on me and send me nice little messages that brighten my day.

So… I am due at the end of Nov. and will be having my baby near or before the middle of Nov. I will be taking of 8 weeks after and Christmas pictures will have to be done in Sept/early Oct. Email to schedule your session and place your retainer to save your date to make sure you get a spot!

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